About Us

Hundreds of families in Suffolk and around the UK have taken the brave but brilliant step to Electively Home Educate their children. The advantages to entering this brave new world are many, however; we believe there could be something more.

At Step Forward Education, we offer students the opportunity to be part of a new approach to learning. Students and parents who have chosen to join the exciting and liberating world of EHE, now have access to innovative, engaging, and outstanding English and Maths lessons, without the constraints of the mainstream system. We create a nurturing, interactive environment; we focus on building confidence and resilience, and our small group sizes allow us to connect with students on a meaningful level to bring out the best in them.

Step Forward Education can help students across a range of ages and abilities to ignite a love for learning that will last a lifetime, whilst simultaneously improving academic ability. Our classes offer a multitude of benefits:

  • The chance for your teachers to really get to know you and understand how you learn best

  • Development of learning plans tailored to individual needs and learning styles; building confidence, as well as aiding retention of subject knowledge

  • An ongoing dialogue with both the student and their parent, in order to ensure a child centered approach that will maximize both the young person's overall learning experience, as well as academic success

  • The opportunity to make and maintain relationships with peers- something that can be difficult for the home educated child

  • Classes in multiple, accessible venues across Suffolk

  • Options for online learning, marking, feedback and assessment 

  • Specialist SEND teachers 

  • Access to a qualified SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) who can offer advice, guidance, standardized assessments and formal reports