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Please complete the New Student Proforma and return it to at the time of first booking; this is so that we can place your child in the appropriate group for their age/ability. 

Step Forward Education Example Lesson Planning -  (4 weeks)


Week 1: Story Mountain- An interactive introduction to creative story writing

Week 2: Sensory Language Devices Part 1- An interactive introduction to sensory language devices

Week 3: Sensory Language Devices Part 2- More sensory language devices

Week 4: Onomatopoeia through Music- using homemade instruments and household objects to learn about Onomatopoeia



Week 1: An introduction to problem solving through investigations (using sequences)
Week 2: Functional Mathematics 1 – Designing a Bedroom (using area and budgeting in context)
Week 3: Mastering Number – An introductory tour of the topic of number (including 4 operations, BIDMAS, HCF and LCM, Surds)
Week 4: Functional Mathematics 2 – Designing a Farm (using area and perimeter in context) /Designing a Bedroom continued