Teenagers in Library

Special Educational Needs Services

As a qualified and experienced SENCo, Mrs MacDonald-Fawcett can:

  • Carry out standardised assessments of pupils with SEN to identify needs such as: dyslexic tendencies, dyscalculia, working memory deficit and poor processing speed

  • Develop individual learning plans designed to maximise progress and raise achievement

  • Monitor progress- including observations in the classroom and meeting with parents

  • Provide written reports

  • Make referrals and liaise with professionals- this could include psychologists, health and social care providers, speech & language therapists and occupational therapists

  • Provide support and guidance on applying for an Education, Health and Care plan

  • Conduct standardised assessments for Exams Access Arrangements, including: extra time; use of a human reader; use of a human scribe or a word processor with spell check enabled. Please note, bookings for Access Arrangement testing must be made no later than the January before the exam series begins and can be made as early as two years before.

Prices vary depending on the service required, please email StepForwardJacq@gmail.com to discuss your requirements and receive a quote.