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Home Education Articles

Below you will find some useful resources and articles relating to Home Education.

Modular Homes

Home Education in the UK

An article on the pros and cons of Home Education from the website

Teenage Group

Small Group Teaching

A study by the University of Manchester on key theories and methods of teaching in small groups

School Supply

10 Good Reasons to Home School your child

An article from The Guardian outlining 10 good reasons to Home Educate your child

School Children

40 Advantages of Homeschooling

A personal account of Home Schooling from a mum of three Home Educator

Education Books Bookshelfs

Home Schooling in the UK Increases

BBC Article on the increase in Home Schooling over the past few years

A Girl in a Classroom

Home Schooling expected to increase following Covid-19

East Anglian Daily Times article on the expected increase in Suffolk of Home Schooling following Covid-19