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Meet the Teachers

Mrs. Jacquelyn MacDonald-Fawcett
English teacher and Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator
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Why I became a teacher

Teachers do more than teach, their impact extends far beyond the classroom; I know this because like you, I can still remember with great clarity my best, and unfortunately my worst teachers. I became a teacher with the goal of trying to give young people a truly rewarding learning experience, filled with happy memories. 


I have high expectations of my students, and will help them to achieve their full potential in an environment that is safe to speak up; speak out; get it wrong; make me laugh, challenge me; call me ‘mum’ (it happens a lot); or sir (I try not to overanalyse) and be their best or worst on any given day.The more time I can spend getting to know them, the more fun we’ll have. I use my enthusiasm to eek confidence out of the ‘nay sayers’ and humour to motivate and engage even the most reluctant of learners.


What makes my lessons different from ‘mainstream’ lessons is that they will be student led, not teacher led. All students have their own unique approach to studying and therefore have the potential to design learning processes that are important for them. I will use this approach to build on their motivation, by using meaningful experiences as a driving force. As a home educating parent myself, and a long time lover of learning; I’m committed to the mantra that education must cater for the “whole” person. I aim to help develop knowledge, skills, and confidence in cognitive ability, whilst at the same time strengthening social and emotional resilience.  


As well as being a highly qualified and experienced teacher, I am also the mother of four wonderful children. My eldest child is 12 and on the autistic spectrum. After many years trying his best to fit into the mainstream mould, we eventually realised that it just wasn’t for him. Regrettably, there are currently no educational settings available in Suffolk to support his unique needs. Since becoming a ‘home edder’, he’s the happiest he has ever been. However, I know that the more structured approach offered by Step Forward will further enhance his learning journey.

Miss. Sally Rice
Maths Teacher

Why I became a teacher

Maths has always been a passion of mine, and I try to pass that on to my students. It’s important to me that Maths is regarded as something that can be found in everything and not just be a ‘scary’ subject taught in schools. It can be useful, essential and especially rewarding to master mathematical concepts.


I graduated from the University of East Anglia in 2011, with a BSc in Mathematics and received my PGCE the following year; I have been teaching in Essex and Suffolk ever since. In 2016, I became Subject Development Leader for Maths at a large secondary school, but I eventually decided that mainstream school doesn’t suit everyone and that applies to teachers as well as learners!

Just over 2 years later, I began working with students outside of mainstream education: some of these students are living in care, others are medically unable to be in school and many have chosen home education. The freedom to choose what to teach (or for my students to choose what to learn), without the stresses and pressures of school, has helped me greatly, both professionally and personally.

I am able to cover all core topics across both KS3 and KS4; I work with my students to decide whether to follow a specific curriculum each week; to start with what they love or what they feel they need the most support with. Whichever approach we choose, I deliver my lessons using a range of strategies and fun resources, such as games, puzzles, group activities, worksheets and more.

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