School Notebook


Mrs MacDonald-Fawcett

When attending English lessons, I was always excited and ready to learn, this was due to the teacher I had. It always felt like more than just teaching. Mrs MacDonald would greet us at the door and ask personal questions; she genuinely cared about every one of us.

Mrs MacDonald has a unique style of delivering a lesson; she is such an engaging speaker. She never stands at a PowerPoint and reads what we can already see, she would make learning entertaining and relevant.


Mrs MacDonald would always push us in lessons, which in turn brought out the best in us and built up our confidence; she has a way of making everything enjoyable, which is mainly down to the hard work and preparation put in place.


I always felt if I had any problems at all I could always go to Mrs MacDonald, which in my eyes just rounds her up as a teacher; she always goes above and beyond for her pupils, which never goes unnoticed! It is because of Mrs MacDonald that I am attending Bath Spa University, studying ‘Drama & Education Studies’ to follow my aspirations of becoming a teacher.

Sam Brown

Mrs MacDonald is a kind, caring teacher to everyone she teaches; she will always make you feel welcome and put a smile on your face when you're having a bad day. Every English lesson, she will always try her best to make it positive and fun.


During any English lesson you have with her, she will ALWAYS make sure you understand the task, and if you still don’t understand, she will offer help and support. I really found English hard and struggled so much with it, but now I have overcome my difficulties and most of that is due to Mrs MacDonald making me more confident; I have a lot more faith in myself because of her.


Overall, Mrs MacDonald is a warm-hearted teacher. Don’t get me wrong, she has high expectations and can be strict when it’s needed, which I find is a good thing because it gives you a nudge and gets you more focused on achieving your goals. 

Kacey Mills-Cunningham

Miss Rice

Miss Rice is a brilliant Maths teacher; she’s calm and kind and makes me feel at ease. When I get things wrong, she somehow works out exactly how I ended up getting to that answer and then helps me unpick where I went wrong so I can get it right. Miss Rice never sounds condescending like some teachers, so I feel like I can risk making mistakes because I know she’ll help me figure it out. Miss Rice is also great at explaining; she goes through things step by step at a pace I can follow.

Miss Rice lets me decide what I want to work on but also helps me figure out where I’ve got gaps in my knowledge; I always feel like I’m moving forward and making progress.

James Peters


I have never felt confident in Maths but Miss Rice encourages me and makes me feel like I can do it; she’s so patient and down to Earth. I sometimes feel nervous but Miss Rice is so warm and friendly that it doesn’t take me long to feel at ease. She also listens really well and has helped me understand so many topics in Maths that I used to really struggle with. I especially love all of the games Miss Rice uses to help me learn; it never feels like a lesson, more like just having fun.

Lily Simon